Our mission at MODE. is not only to provide students with the skills to achieve their full musical potential, but to inspire, and empower creative expression. 




Lesson plans are geared towards sparking the creative fire within each individual. We find a more creative practise can really benefit people of all ages and we are committed to the idea that students should look forward to their music lessons. This way, we can create a curriculum that is not only challenging for the individual, but also a fun and safe place for them to build confidence and express themselves freely. 


Operating from our space in Mornington, students are provided with private lessons in guitar, piano & voice. With our knowledge, our experience and our professionalism, the boutique learning environment here at MODE. is allowing us to build a family and community; inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to feel safe, welcome and inspired. 


Welcoming Environment

Any person, of any age, background and skill level is welcomed with open arms. We have created a safe, inspiring and community orientated space for everyone to enjoy.

Fun, Engaging & Creative 


Wave good-bye to boring music classes. All lessons at MODE. are tailored to the individual and focus on a modern approach to learning music.

Experienced & Relatable


Our teacher's are actively working in all facets of the music industry and have a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Building solid relationships with students is a key focus in all lessons. 

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