Em has been playing guitar since the age of 7, and for the past 6 years has been passing-on her knowledge and love for the instrument to her students across the Mornington Peninsula. Consistently achieving excellent results from students, past and present, has allowed her to open her very own music school in Mornington, Mode.

A Music Manager at her own MHM Management, Em has been guiding the careers of Maxon (as seen on The Voice Australia) and Like Bear (launching soon).


In true entrepreneurial form, she is also one-third of the team who created and presented Mornington its most diverse and talented Australian line-up earlier this year, in a travelling show named Yeah, Righto - aimed toward spreading music diversity around the country.


Combining her passion for business and live music, Em, alongside MAXON, is dedicated to growing their new music school, Mode. Mode’s mission is not only to provide students with the skills to achieve their full musical potential, but to inspire, and empower creative expression. With a modern approach to music lessons, each session is tailored to the individual by goal setting to keep the students motivated, passionate and excited about learning guitar. Maintaining student  engagement and encouraging them to find their own style are the most important factors in all of Em’s classes.

MODE STUDIOS          |          0402 534 500          |          INFO@YEAHMODE.COM          |          8/71 YUILLES ROAD, MORNINGTON VIC 3931