Henry Vine, whilst only being 19 years old, is already an up-and-coming and
well-seasoned musician with an absolute fascination with music. He has been
playing guitar for over a decade and has built up an impressive knowledge of the
instrument, technique and performance tropes. Henry has played music all over
the Melbourne and South Eastern Suburbs scenes both as a solo act and with his
band, ‘The Art Officials’. Although his largest aspiration in life is to play music for
the world, he is also studying primary teaching as he has always dreamt of being
able to pass knowledge onto younger generations and to make a difference. He
is a fun-loving soul who you will rarely see without a smile on his face.

There is nothing Henry loves more than to just sit down and play his guitar for
hours on end. He is constantly practising and fine-tuning his skills to always try
and better himself as he believes there is no limit to what you can do with an

Henry has his heart set on teaching in a fun environment, taking traditional
teaching techniques but changing them in a way to make learning an instrument
an exciting and full-filling experience rather than a long and draining one. He
wants to teach guitar in the same way he learnt with unorthodox practices and
exercises that keep the students engaged and loving what they’re doing.



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