Kelly has a passion for music which she says is a lifeline. It's been a constant in her life for as long as she can remember. For her, it manifests as a love of singing; believing it's a form of expression that comforts, exhilarates and connects people with each other and themselves.


Hailing from a musical family, Kelly was encouraged to pursue singing through private lessons, choirs, bands and drama. She credits these as the basis for the performer she is today. The confidence gained sees her as the "front person" for the peninsula a'cappella group Ling Marra and MC for various community events such as Music On The Hill's (MOTH) International Women's Day and the Peninsula Teen Fashion Show.


As a member of Ling Marra for over 12 years, Kelly has had plenty of stage experience but that doesn't mean she doesn't get nervous! She says "I reckon if you're nervous, it means you care." But she also thinks there are ways to hone those nerves.


"Several years ago Ling Marra supported Archie Roach. It was a huge honour for the group as we aim to bridge a musical gap between indigenous music and the wider community. I was so nervous, I was shaking as we sang, but I just kept reminding myself that I may never get the chance to do this again and to just feel the music, the moment, and relish it. That was definitely a highlight for myself and the group."


With a work history of child care, specialist school education and myotherapy, Kelly's affinity for children, her compassion and communication skills have landed her in several mentor roles across art, massage and netball. She loves the immediacy of working with children: the rewards can be instant. And she believes that students can gain more than just a better quality from their voice through tuition. Kelly aims to create a fun, nurturing environment that encourages self belief, confidence, self discovery and expression and creativity. These skills can be carried through all facets of life. Kelly is keen to engage with students through a common love of music while helping them to fulfill their singing potential.



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