Taylah Carroll shares unashamed and frank tales of her own coming of age and reflections of what it is to be human, set against a nostalgic soundscape that draws inspiration from vintage films and dreamy folk/rock.

Taylah’s music wants to reach out and hold her audience, whilst at the same time waking them up to the anxieties, fears and love that both plague and embellish our lives, highlighting the commonality of all human experience through a nuanced and detailed lens.

Taylah has been honing her craft of song-writing and performance through a series of recent shows across Victoria, including performances at Fitzroy’s The Workers Club, and The Wesley Ann, as well as a slot at Let Go Fest alongside Gang of Youths and The Middle Kids.





By integrating her physical, emotional and intellectual experience in both songwriting and performance, Taylah's teaching methods focus on the power of the voice. With an infinite variety of musical styles and repertoire for her students to explore, finding their own unique voice is highly encouraged. This is emphasized in lessons by assisting them with some key elements; posture, breath, control and pitch. 


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